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Your complete guide on how to measure for the most perfect fitting vintage denim shorts.

Use the above image as a guide. Find your most favorite pair of denim shorts and measure them flat. There you go, that's one way to determine your size! 
You can also measure your natural waist, which is usually at or right above your belly button, depending on where you want your denim to lay on your stomach. If you have a naturally smaller waist with a bigger bum, measure lower and size up. Your denim will most likely need to be take in at the waist after receiving them.
We offer free shipping and returns, so you're ordering risk free. If you don't like your denim, you get to return them for a full refund and we send a return shipping label so you don't pay for return fees. 
As always, send an email to if you have questions regarding sizing. We are always happy to help!